Our dream and our endeavour is to connect people and dance across Queensland through a program of delightful, exciting and challenging work, collaborating with leading artists and organisations. We value the following characteristics in our company members and collaborators:


We are one company, one team. As Board, management, dancers and staff, we work together with honesty and respect for the service Queensland Ballet performs and the role and contribution of the entire team which brings it to life.


An openness to continually learn and grow as artists and professionals and to collaborate with like-minded individuals, organisations and companies in a way which rejuvenates our art-form and offers our audiences the excitement and pure joy that comes when they expect the unexpected. 


Our people bring a commitment to be the best they can be as artists and professionals, and relentlessly pursue perfection and precision.  This is inspired by an environment in which the work delivered is consistently higher than the standards commonly regarded as best practice in every discipline. It is also encouraged as a strategy to ensure the long term sustainability of Queensland Ballet. 


To work with Queensland Ballet is a labour of love for an artform and for a group of people with a shared interest and commitment.  While this passion is publicly expressed through the enthusiasm of our dancers as they perform on stage, it is also felt in the fun and friendship of our working environment wherever we come together as a team.