Li Cunxin AO

Li Cunxin AO

Artistic Director

Dilshani Weerasinghe

Dilshani Weerasinghe

Executive Director

Kismet Bourne

Executive Assistant

Ellen Gilroy

Executive Assistant and Strategic Development Officer


Greg Horsman

Chief Ballet Master and Director of Artistic Operations

Mary Li

Ballet Mistress and Principal Répétiteur

Janette Mulligan

Ballet Mistress and Artistic Coordinator

Matthew Lawrence

Ballet Master

Zenia Tátcheva

Ballet Mistress

Jack Lister

Associate Choreographer

Craig Cathcart

Head of Artistic Operations

Daniel Dunlop

Company Manager

Liam Scarlett

Artistic Associate (2017-2019)

Natalie Weir

Resident Choreographer


Christian Tátchev

Academy Director

Veronika Sheremetieva

Head of Lower School

Louise Deleur

Head of Contemporary Dance and Resident Choreographer

Camilo Ramos

Pre-Professional Program Coordinator

Guy Wheatstone

Guest Academy Program Coordinator

Kym Stokes

Foundation Program Coordinator

Elena Kozhemyachenko

Senior Academy Teacher

Lisa Edwards

Academy Teacher

Clare Morehen

Academy Teacher

Claire Phipps-Males

Academy Teacher

Tabitha Buttsworth

Academy Teacher

John Sandurski

Academy Teacher

Amelia Waller

Associate Teacher

Grant Aris

Associate Teacher

Gary Dionysius

Academy Pianist

Benjamin Drozdovskii

Academy Pianist

Michelle Kim

Academy Pianist

Mark Leung

Academy Pianist

Nick Tyler

Academy Pianist

Catherine Yu

Academy Pianist

#Community Programs and Sector Engagement

Lily Spencer

Head of Community Engagement

Holly Frick

Education Coordinator

Katrina George

Regional Engagement and Participation Specialist

Mimi Van Buuren

Community and Access Manager

#Corporate Partnerships

Melinda Maillard

Head of Partnerships

Samantha Currie

Corporate Partnerships Manager

#Cultural Spaces

Sarah Boon

Head of Programming and Sector Engagement

Adam Sleeman

Cultural Services Officer

Danielle Turner

Cultural Services Officer

Amy Thompson

Venue Operations Manager

Rani Luther

Creative Associate

Kate Arcidiacono

Marketing and Communications Manager - Thomas Dixon Centre

Kirsten Baumback

Experiences Manager


Geoff Walshaw

Director of Finance and Operations

Lynne Masters

Head of Finance

Tony Yan

Finance Officer

Joanne Eager

Accounts Assistant

Beverley Rehbock

Payroll Specialist


Rachael Walsh

Director of Foundation and Endowment

Elise Azar

Head of Foundation

Joseph Stewart

Memberships Manager

Kristopher Brian

Foundation Relations

Tonia Looker

Foundation Relations

Rose Gamble

Foundation Patron Services


Stefanie Gumienik

Company Pianist

Lucas D. Lynch

Cover Pianist/Assistant Conductor

Daniel Le

Company Pianist

#Marketing and Audience Development

Lisa Summer-Hayes

Director of Audience and Partnerships

Ashley Dunn

Head of Marketing

Miranda Cass

Campaign Manager

Natasha Spong

Campaign Specialist

Bek Possingham

Performance Marketing Specialist

Johnny Harkin

Visual Content Producer

Tamara Hanton

Digital Content Coordinator

Jennifer Laing

Ticketing Manager

Mikaela Hollonds

Ticketing and Customer Service Specialist

#Publicity and Communications

Meryn Cooper

Head of Communications

Cassandra Houghton

Communications Specialist

Meg Collins

Communications Liaison

#Organisational Development

Candice Sheldon

Head of Human Resources

Marcin Kucfir

Head of Business Systems and Technology

#Performance Health

Zara Gomes

Head of Performance Health

Michelle White

Company Physiotherapist

Pedro Alcobio

Company Massage Therapist

Nicole Vass


Dr Matthew Hislop

Consultant Sports Physician

Dr Ian Mannion

Consultant General Practitioner


Megumi Peet

Head of Facilities

Julia Urbanska

Precincts Relations Manager

William Wallace

Facilities Manager

Campbell Misfeld

Facilities Officer

Luke Rosso

Facilities Officer

Ken Zhou

Facilities Officer

Sheilagh Gaddes

Facilities Officer

#Production and Wardrobe

Kim Harris

Principal Cutter

Shaun O'Rourke

Director of Production Services

Heather O’Keeffe

Production Stage Manager

Matthew Allan

A/Technical Manager (Lighting)

Dan Villiers

Technical Manager (Staging)

Don Mackenzie

Head of Production

Skye Lilliss

Technical Coordinator (Lighting)

Scott Chiverton

Technical Manager (TDC Project)

Lauryn Jackson

Head of Costume

Anna Ilic

Wardrobe Workroom Production Manager / Principal Cutter

Erin Krosch

Performance Wardrobe Manager / Principal Cutter

Kathryn Lee

Academy Costume Coordinator / Cutter

Jane Warrington

Workroom Coordinator / Cutters Assistant

Vicki Martin

Cutter / Coordinator / Milliner

Isabelle Lacombe

Senior Costumier / Workroom Assistant

Amanda Newman

Shoe Coordinator

Michael Green

Wig Stylist

Zoe Griffiths

Workroom and Art Finishing Coordinator

Bethany Cordwell


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We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and perform. Long before we performed on this land, it played host to the dance expression of our First Peoples. We pay our respects to their Elders — past, present and emerging — and acknowledge the valuable contribution they have made and continue to make to the cultural landscape of this country.

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