Eight reasons why boys should get into ballet

We’re setting the record straight: Ballet isn’t all about tights and pirouettes. Elite ballet is good for the development of our boys’ physical health, creativity and life skills. If your boy is already immersed in the wonderful world of ballet and interested in gaining a taste of Queensland Ballet Academy, register them for our Boys ONLY Workshop, taking place over the Brisbane Show Day weekend.

Eight reasons why boys should get into ballet

#1. They will gain more strength, flexibility, agility and endurance than you thought possible

Professional male dancers, or danseurs, need to lift their female partners, land mighty jumps and withstand hours of non-stop movement on stage. This means years of intense training to develop the optimal muscle memory and cardiovascular fitness needed for the job. The earlier you start, the better!

#2. Good male ballet dancers are in high demand

It’s no secret that girls will outnumber boys in dance classes, especially in Australia. Male ballet dancers will always be needed in both Academy and Company environments. Talented danseurs often have long and rewarding on-stage careers. For example, check out Paul Boyd’s story – he danced for 25 years on-stage before becoming a full-time ballet répétiteur, choreographer and teacher!

#3. They will unleash their inner artist

Why do so many artists describe themselves as passionate about their work? Artistic pursuits help people approach life with a sense of curiosity and imagination, and dance is just one method of channelling our emotions. Boys need to express themselves just as much as girls do – As Billy Elliot once said, it “feels like electricity”.  

#4. The values instilled from training and performing will last a lifetime

Discipline ✅ Work ethic ✅ Respect ✅ Perseverance ✅ Resilience ✅ Humility ✅ Self-motivation ✅ Poise ✅ Creativity ✅ Diligence ✅ Commitment ✅ Teamwork 

#5. They will entertain people from all walks of life

Nothing feels more rewarding than being able to move someone to tears, receiving a standing ovation, and an audience leaving in awe of your performance. From the first end of year concerts at the start of his dance journey, to dancing on stage in front of a sold-out theatre, most Company artists agree that the best part of their job is connecting with and delighting their audiences.

#6. They will work towards a global career

While we believe that Australia offers some amazing talent in our arts sector, ballet companies are located all over the world. It’s not uncommon for professional dancers to pursue careers overseas, especially around Europe, Asia and North America. Take a look at some of the amazing places our alumni have ended up!

#7. Their ballet classes will lay the foundation for other pursuits

The skills learnt in ballet (for boys and girls) transcend the genre alone. Its focus on proper technique, musicality, rhythm and general fitness makes it not only a great workout, but also a building block for just about every genre of dance. It also offers a great environment for building teamwork and social skills.  

#8. They will get to bring some of the world’s most beloved stories to life

All those Prince Charming and action hero characters you grew up with? Many of them are brought to life in classical and modern ballets. Here’s a couple that you may have heard of: 

·       Des Grieux from Manon Lescaut

·       Don Jose from Carmen

·       Don Quixote

·       Dracula

·       Duke Albrecht from Giselle

·       Franz from Coppelia

·       James from La Sylphide

·       Peter from Peter and the Wolf

·       Peter Pan

·       Prince Desire from The Sleeping Beauty

·       Prince from Cinderella and The Nutcracker

·       Prince Ivan from The Firebird

·       Prince Siegfried from Swan Lake

·       Prince Solor from La Bayadere

·       Romeo from Romeo and Juliet

·       Spartacus

·       The Poet from Les Sylphides

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Images: David Kelly, Ali Cameron, Lucia Hanziker.


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