Noelene Hill

Noelene Hill

Production and Wardrobe

Noelene Hill joined Queensland Ballet in 2003, having worked with various other companies as Set and Costume Designer (notably La Boite Theatre), Wardrobe Co-ordinator, Costume Maker, Production Manager, and for QUT as a Theatrecraft tutor.

As Queensland Ballet’s Resident Designer, Noelene has designed costumes for much of François Klaus’s repertoire created on the Company, including King Arthur & the Tales of Camelot, Fonteyn Remembered, A Streetcar Named Desire, Swan Lake, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Carmen, Romeo & Juliet, The Nutcracker, Cloudland, Peer Gynt, Misa Tango and Timeless Dances. In addition, she undertook partial redesigns for Don Quixote, The Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid.

Noelene’s body of work also encompasses costumes for many contemporary dance pieces. She has worked as co-designer with Annegien Sneep for Nils Christe’s Dîner Dansant, Short Dialogues, Fearful Symmetries, SYNC and Purcell Pieces. She has designed costumes for Natalie Weir’s The Gathering, The Unwritten, andWhen Angels Weep; Gareth Belling’s Winter, Transition Sequence, Equilibrium Level and Refraction; Rosetta Cook’s Hall of Flame; Louise Deleur’s  X174 and Lineage; Timothy Brown’s One Forgetting, Two Remember, and Flight; Lisa Wilson’s Blink; Kim McCarthy’s Nineteen;and Leanne Ringelstein’s Interplay. Noelene also designed both the sets and costumes for François Klaus’s The Amazing Magician goes Troppo, Timothy Brown’s Thread, and Natalie Weir’s Wuthering Heights, Petrushka and Orpheus.


Anna Ilic

Wardrobe Workroom Production Manager / Principal Cutter

Lauryn Jackson

Deputy Head of Wardrobe

Isabelle Lacombe

Senior Costumier / Workroom Assistant

Erin Krosch

Performance Wardrobe Manager / Principal Cutter