World Ballet Day 2020

World Ballet Day 2020

Today we celebrate World Ballet Day 2020.

We'll take you behind the scenes at Queensland Ballet for sneak peeks of studio rehearsals, company class and coaching sessions.

You’ll hear from our dancers about life in isolation and the incredible 60 dancers: 60 stories works that arose from our loungerooms and kitchens during lockdown.

Join us on a tour through our state-of-the-art Academy and hit the road to Goondiwindi with our incredible teaching artists who take this magical art form to so many regional and rural audiences around Queensland every year.

Please sit back and enjoy our celebration of World Ballet Day.


Artistic Director, Li Cunxin AO

Company Class
Led by Artistic Director, Li Cunxin AO
01:13 - 17:03

Artists in Isolation
Content filmed and edited by:
Senior Soloist Kohei Iwamoto
Company Artist Isabella Swietlicki
Company Artist Alyssa Kelty
Company Artist D'Arcy Brazier
Company Artist Laura Tosar
Principal Artist Victor Estévez
Soloist Mia Heathcote
17:05 - 21:28

60 dancers: 60 stories
Digital Season
21:30 - 28:54

Behind the scenes with Principal Artist, Lucy Green
28:56 - 32:22

Nigel Gaynor
Notes from the Music Director
32:25 - 36:22

Rani Luther
Ballet Mistress & Creative Associate
36:24 - 40:13

We are all ballerinas
Seniors in Studio & Petit Pointers
40:16 - 41:12 

2020 Regional School & Community Workshops
41:13 - 45:04

Queensland Ballet Academy
Nurturing the artists of the future
45:07 - 51:12

Thomas Dixon Centre
Dreams do come true
51:14 - 51:54

Closing message
Artistic Director Li Cunxin AO and Artists of Queensland Ballet
51:56 - 55:41