Pre-Professional students surprised with industry guest Q&As

Over the last few weeks, our Pre-Professional Program students were surprised with several special guest Q&A sessions as part of their Career Preparation and Planning Studies. Queensland Ballet Academy welcomed Alumnus and Queensland Ballet Company Artist, D'Arcy Brazier; Director Dutch National Ballet Junior Company, Ernst Meisner; Director of Polish National Ballet and International Choreographer, Krzysztof Pastor; former Director of Bern Ballet, and International Choreographer, Cathy Marston; and Sir David Bintley CBE, former Director of Birmingham Royal Ballet and International Choreographer, in online Zoom classes.

We thank our guests for their time and the wisdom they imparted to our students. They received many reflective thoughts and tips for making it in the industry, auditions, and working with choreographers and companies - all essential skills needed for a fulfilling career in dance.

Pre-Professional students surprised with industry guest Q&As

Alexandra Champion

These sessions, to me have been extremely beneficial, especially as the transition from training to entering the professional dance world can be scary and holds a lot of unanswered questions. They allow us an insight into what to expect, advice on how to succeed and so much more helpful and interesting information.

I have gained a lot of useful material that I can take on board and use in my own life. I am very grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow and I am very excited for the future guests we will be exposed to.

Joshua Ostermann

Our guests have all offered their individual experiences and knowledge to share with us, which has been so insightful and inspiring. We have gained insight into auditioning and looking for jobs, expectations when having a job in a company, and working with choreographers and artistic directors. All of this has had a great impact on expanding our knowledge and understanding of different companies around the world and helped us direct the journey we hope to follow in the near future.

Thomas Harris

I found these sessions so beneficial as we heard from such a range of people with such different backgrounds, and each guest gave us all so much great advice. From discussing the transition between student and professional, life in a company, how to get the most out of your career, how ballets are staged / created, and so much more. I learnt so much from all these sessions and found all our guests so inspiring and motivating. I feel so lucky to be able to have this experience to be exposed to these amazing people from around the world, and to pick their brains about the industry as I navigate my way from student to professional. I truly will take so much from these sessions with me as I progress through my career.

Edison Manuel

Through these conversations we have learned more about what opportunities are out there for us, and we have made new connections to diverse people who have crafted the dance world we are eager work in.

Dani Gibson

Who would have thought a platform introduced to us during COVID-19, would now serve as an instant connection into the international ballet scene? From directors to choreographers and dancers of course, every week I am in awe! These artistic professionals are extremely inspiring with their stories and experience. I always feel motivated and enlightened at the end of the session. The information they share is priceless and I try to absorb all they say. It is crazy to think that people I have admired from afar, have so kindly taken the time to share and speak with us young dancers in Australia. My gratitude is endless!

Sophie Smith

I am so grateful to every guest we have had so far for their valuable time and for the opportunity to learn lessons I will be able to utilise throughout my potential career.

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