Dracula: Behind the Seams

Dracula: Behind the Seams

...with Acting Head of Wardrobe, Lauryn Jackson.

Dracula is a well-dressed vampire indeed. A wander through the Queensland Ballet Wardrobe Department during current rehearsals offers a treasure trove of rich, textured fabrics, dazzling costume jewels, sparkling 1800s-era gowns, and heavy coats and cloaks, incorporating more than 1000 individual pieces. This includes Dracula’s own dressing gown, which weighs an incredible 8kg! We sat down with Acting Head of Wardrobe, Lauryn Jackson, to find out more.

How many costumes or pieces will we use over the Dracula season?

We will use more than 1400 individual pieces over the 12 performances of Dracula. This includes all the costumes, accessories, wigs, facial hair, shoes and boots, tights, and more.

Any significant backstage costume changes during the show?

There are a few quick changes throughout the performance for various characters, but there is one particularly quick costume and wig change between the Prologue and Act 1 Party Scene where Elizabeth changes into Mina which will keep the theatre team on their toes!

What’s special about Dracula’s costume?

When some of the dancers were having their costume fittings with Dracula’s dressing gown, which is worn in Act 1, they said it felt like it weighed around 15–20kgs. In fact, it weighs about 8-9kgs - which is still incredibly heavy when you’re dancing.

Where were the costumes made?

The costumes and wigs were made by West Australian Ballet.

Is there anything special about the materials or fabrics used?

The beautifully designed and constructed costumes use rich, luscious fabrics and trims, and are going to look amazing onstage!

Anything else?

Fun fact: Elizabeth’s gorgeous, richly embellished, red and gold Act 1 dress is also very heavy, weighing approximately 4.5kgs.

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