Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre

Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre

#Roy and Nola Thompson Production Arts Centre

Currently in advanced concept stage, the Roy and Nola Thompson Production Centre will be the realisation of the third tier of QB’s Three Sites, One Vision strategy.

When operational, the Production Centre will be one of Queensland Ballet’s three homes, which together will enable the full cycle of on and off-stage capacity development for the Company, and support the broader creative industries and community in Queensland.

The Roy and Nola Thompson Production Centre will enable the company to manage its production assets and extensive collection and archive of sets, costumes, props, and in time, will become an ideas factory where the creation of Queensland Ballet’s world-class productions will come to life. The facility will contain a climate-controlled environment, bespoke storage capability and diverse creation spaces that will incorporate all elements of stage craft: lighting, sound, design, costume, technology and backstage professionalism.   

Queensland Ballet remains very grateful to Roy and Nola Thompson for their visionary support.  

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