Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre

Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre

#Production Arts Centre

Currently in advanced concept stage, the QB Production Arts Centre will be the realisation of the third tier of QB’s Three Sites, One Vision strategy.

When operational, the Production Arts Centre will be one of Queensland Ballet’s three homes, which together will enable the full cycle of on and off-stage capacity development for the Company, and support the broader creative industries community in Queensland.

Purpose-designed as a place to enable and create the art and stagecraft in world-class productions, the Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre’s programs will inspire, inform and innovate, connecting people and bringing art into everyday life.

At its full capacity, Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre will be a hub of thought-leadership and creative practice incubation and creation, while its geographic footprint will extend with authentic collaborations and partnerships across a range of regional spokes.

Leading-edge digital capability will enable a curated program of face-to-face and online, interactive arts-based experiences collectively titled Queensland Ballet Ideas Factory. Queensland Ballet will be aiming to extend all knowledges and skills cultivated and propagated onsite into a range of industries and avenues, including elite sports, business, high-performance HR cultures and building/construction.

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The Workshop

Highly skilled artists, craftspeople, technicians and costumiers will bring to life the design visions for Queensland Ballet’s productions, building sets and creating costumes. Looking towards the next generation of theatre make-believe and stage magic, The Workshop will embed opportunities such as AI and AR as well as digital tracking systems and live body sensors with projection capabilities.

The Workshop will include:
• Scenery/set workshop, materials and hot store
• Props workshop and store
• Theatre tech workshop and store
• Paint deck
• Design lab
• Wardrobe workshop and store
• Art finishing room

The Hanger

A purpose-built, climate-controlled space, informed by world’s best-practice processes, to house Queensland Ballet’s sets, costumes and archives. The Hanger will introduce the community to the museum and archival components of a practising arts organisation. The Queensland Ballet Collection will be shared onsite, digitised and toured to leverage the unique skills and practices of the world of dance.

The Hanger will include climate-controlled, long-term storage spaces for:
• Queensland Ballet scenery, props and furniture
• Queensland Ballet costumes
• Commercial hire - best-practice designed and managed facilities to store theatrical sets and costumes for other local, intrastate and national organisations. This will address industry demand, as there is a current shortage of affordable space available to organisations looking for storage.

Creation Spaces

Productions imagined, built and tested at the Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre will be done so in a purpose-built theatre comprising:

• 500+-seat theatre auditorium
• Stage/creation space
• A/V control room
• Green Room
• Artist/backstage amenities

A series of Queensland Ballet’s signature, world-class dance studios will also be integrated around the theatre. This will make it a fully functional production space from warm-up to doors closing, and at other times for community-focussed dance classes and production arts engagements.  

Participation across the Precinct

The Queensland Ballet Production Arts Centre will be supported by office and shared spaces designed to enable participation and engagement throughout the commercial and public spaces.

• Public foyer and facilities
• Queensland Ballet Library / Archive
• Meeting rooms
• Production and Wardrobe offices
• Staff and visitor car park
• Loading dock

#Queensland Ballet Ideas Factory

Creative Health Programs

QB is committed to sharing wellbeing and the diversity of wellness practices with our society. Artists, educators, researchers, practitioners, clinicians and teaching artists will collaborate across a range of programs, building on Queensland Ballet’s existing, evidence-based classes in Dance for Parkinson’s, Ballet for Seniors, and Dance for Children with Disabilities.

Backstage Pass Access

A program of one-day immersion programs, week-long work experience opportunities and longer-term trainee and apprenticeship models, offered through partnerships and programs that address skills gaps and shortages in the national arts and cultural sector. The Queensland Ballet Ideas Factory will connect the curriculum and pedagogy of an innovative learning environment with a world-class arts organisation for the benefit of students and educators, both locally and abroad.

Imagination Creation

As an incubator, a hub and a co-sharing space, a range of practical classes, theoretical courses and ideation workshops will support people of all backgrounds, ages and interests to continue their own personal and professional development, for certification or personal enjoyment.

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