Design Note —

In our time, the story of Dangerous is a difficult one to tell. In the creation of this work, Liam and I have concentrated on the original intentions of the letters of the eighteenth-century epistolary novel, excited by the resonance of the motives within them, for audiences of today. Through the design, we hope to visually expose the cruelty and abuse of power within the noble world of privilege and historical record. Hopefully resonating truthfully for the contemporary classical ballet audience.

Liam demands complete precision of honesty and harmony to transcribe his work for an audience. Every movement he makes for a dancer exists for a purpose. Such is the collective aim of Kendall, Martin and myself, to give no more or less than he requires to totally focus the essence of the work. As set and costume designer my tools are form, colour, texture, balance, organic and historical reference and good old-fashioned theatricality to create a unique world for Liam’s vision. This collaboration together with light and music fulfils the work.

Tracy Grant Lord, Set & Costume Designer