The Story —


Cinderella stops her stepsisters from roughly teasing her poor father, but they turn on her furiously and she is ordered to clean the room. Left alone, she takes out a portrait of her dear mother.

Her father returns and is overcome with remorse; his daughter lovingly tries to reassure him, but their tender exchange is interrupted by the stepsisters, who snatch away the portrait.

Suddenly, an old woman enters, begging for food. The stepmother scornfully gives her the portrait instead, but the woman returns it to Cinderella. She accepts some bread in return, and departs.

A dressmaker, wigmaker and dancing master arrive to prepare the stepsisters for
the royal ball. When the family has departed, Cinderella tries to console herself by dancing with a broom, but eventually she bursts into tears. At this moment, the beggar woman returns - and magically changes into a Fairy Godmother! The kitchen is replaced by an enchanted glade.

Cinderella is given a pair of slippers, the fairies of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter dance for her, and her rags become a beautiful gown. But she is warned that at midnight, the magic will end. The Fairy Godmother then transforms a pumpkin and four mice into a magnificent coach and horses, and Cinderella is driven to the ball.


At the palace, a jester welcomes the ball guests. The Prince gallantly invites each of the stepsisters to dance, much to the amusement of all.

Festivities are interrupted by the arrival of Cinderella. She is so beautiful and graceful, the Prince is immediately smitten. Oranges, the rarest fruit in the land, are offered to the guests, and Cinderella kindly gives hers to one of her stepsisters, who had missed out on the treat. The clock strikes midnight, Cinderella’s clothes turn to rags, and she rushes from the ballroom, leaving one slipper behind in her haste.


Back in the kitchen, Cinderella finds the remaining slipper in her pocket, but hides it quickly when the family returns. The Prince and his courtiers arrive in search of the owner of the lost slipper. The stepsisters try to fit the slipper in vain, and then the Prince notices Cinderella sitting shyly by the fire. The second slipper falls from her pocket, and he is overjoyed to find his love. Despite her ragged appearance, he asks her to marry him. Cinderella forgives her stepmother and stepsisters.

In the magic glade, the Prince and Cinderella dance a romantic pas de deux, and the new princess is acclaimed by all.