The Story —

Act I

In a forest clearing, under a moonlit night sky, Titania and Oberon quarrel over a Changeling Boy found sleeping in the woods. Titania eventually takes possession of the infant. In his rage Oberon summons his apprentice Puck, and sends him to search for a magical flower. When sprinkled into the eyelids of a person sleeping, this magic flower causes the sleeper to fall in love with the first creature he or she sees upon awakening. Oberon plans to use this on Titania in revenge.

Meanwhile, four explorers have entered the forest in search of the exotic specimens to be found there, and a complicated love triangle ensues. Helena pines for Demetrius, who is in turn infatuated with Hermia, who is happily coupled with Lysander. Upon seeing this, Oberon orders Puck to resolve this situation by using the magic flower to make Demetrius return Helena’s affections. However, Puck confuses the two men and administers the potion to the wrong one, causing even more trouble.

Titania awakens under the flower’s spell to fall in love with the rustic Bottom, whom Puck has transformed into a donkey. Oberon spies on the couple, taking great pleasure in Titania’s humiliation, to which she is entirely oblivious.


Act II

Upon realising Puck’s mistake with Demetrius and Lysander, Oberon is furious and sets about punishing Puck and resolving the mess, so that Lysander return to loving Hermia and Demetrius finds love with Helena.

Bottom is restored to human form and, as the night draws to a close, Titania and Oberon resolve their differences and gently return the sleeping Changeling Boy to where they found him, and to his own midsummer night’s dreams.