The Characters —

A host of fairytale characters come to life in this magical tale.

— Clara, the little girl who goes on a magical adventure
— Fritz, her brother
— Mr and Mrs Stahlbaum, their parents
— Grandparents, children and other family members
     at the Stahlbaum Christmas party
— Dr Drosselmeyer, a family friend
— Dr Drosselmeyer’s dolls: the Soldier, Harlequin and Columbine
— The Nutcracker and his soldiers
— King Rat and his army of Rats
— Snow Queen and her Cavalier
— Dancing Snowflakes
— Sugar Plum Fairy
— The Nutcracker Prince
— Cooks
— Dancing Flowers
— Spanish couples
— Arabian couple
— Chinese dancers
— The Mirlitons
— Mother Ginger and her children