Bolero —

Fonte’s choreography imaginatively captures the escalating intensity of Ravel’s music.

From the haunting and sensual opening of Nicolo Fonte’s Bolero, the tension steadily builds along with Ravel’s potent, rising orchestral work.

With precise lines that require intense athleticism, Fonte’s choreography imaginatively captures the pulse and escalating intensity of the music,
until the exuberant finale of vivid, rich movement.

This Bolero rejects the stereotypes that have accumulated around Ravel’s
music over nearly a century of immense popularity. Fonte goes nowhere
near the implied Spanish dance form, concentrating instead on an abstract contemporary movement vocabulary that amalgamates classical ballet,
spiraling partnering and complex ensemble work.

Choreography Nicolo Fonte

Music Maurice Ravel: Bolero

Scenery & lighting design Michael Mazzola

Costume design Mark Zappone