The Story —


Herr Stahlbaum and his wife are giving a Christmas party and Clara and Fritz, their children, greet the guests. All the children are given toys by their parents. Suddenly the mysterious Dr Drosselmeyer arrives and entertains the children with his magical tricks and wind-up dolls.

Dr. Drosselmeyer brings a special gift for Clara, a wooden Nutcracker. In a jealous fit Fritz breaks it but Dr Drosselmeyer quickly repairs the Nutcracker. The party ends, the guests leave and the Stahlbaums retire for the night. Clara awakens and returns to the living room. Then the clock strikes midnight as the room fills with giant mice and attack Clara. Led by her valiant Nutcracker, life-sized toy soldiers come to her rescue. The King Rat attacks the Nutcracker but Clara hits him with her shoe and the Nutcracker wins the battle.

Suddenly the Nutcracker is transformed into a handsome prince. The Nutcracker Prince transforms the mansion into a Land of Snow. The Snow Queen and the Snow Prince dance with the Snowflakes as Clara and the Nutcracker Prince depart for the Kingdom of Sweets in a beautiful, enchanted sleigh.


Clara and the Nutcracker Prince continue their journey, arriving in the Kingdom of Sweets. The cooks are preparing delectable treats for their arrival. Clara and The Prince are greeted by the Sugar Plum Fairy, and in Clara’s honour, the Sugar Plum Fairy arranges for the residents of her kingdom to entertain them while they eat. They enjoy watching a Spanish Dance, an Arabian Dance and a Chinese Dance.

Clara is also entertained by the Dance of Mirlitons, a dance with Madame Bonbonaire and her children, a Russian dance and the Waltz of Flowers. Then the Sugar Plum Fairy and the Nutcracker Prince dance a grand pas de deux. As the celebration draws to a close, Clara awakens from her dreams, to be met by Dr Drosselmeyer.