Verdi Variations —

With virtuosic solos, dazzling pas de deux and ensembles, Verdi Variations pays homage to the elegance and grace of Russian classical ballet.

This grand and beautiful piece enchants with gentle humour and thrilling technique. Choreographer Greg Horsman pinpoints his inspiration as coming directly from Verdi’s music. “Every time I hear the ballet sections of Verdi’s operas, I Vespri siciliani and Jérusalem, I want to dance. So I have used this music to create a classical ballet that touches on the rivalry, competition and hierarchy that can exist within a ballet company and which is part of every dancer’s life – with an added dash of good humour.”
Greg Horsman
Giuseppe Verdi
Jérusalem (pas de quatre, pas de deux, pas solo)
I Vespri siciliani (Le quattro stagioni)