Ballet is not only an exquisite art form. It also inspires strength, coordination and flexibility in every body.


#Ballet Foundation Courses

Ages 16+

Are you new to ballet or need a refresher?

We recommend you start your journey by completing Ballet Foundations courses 1 and 2 and build your skills and technique before progressing to casual ballet classes.

Ballet Foundations 1

8 week course. No experience required

If you’re ready to start ballet but haven’t tried it before then you should enrol in this course. From the foundations of classical ballet through to barre and centre exercises, completing this course is the best way to begin your ballet journey.

Ballet Foundations 2

8 week course

This class is perfect for those who have recently completed Ballet Foundations 1 or have had some experience but are wanting a refresher before jumping into Ballet Level 1.

#Casual Ballet Classes

Ages 16+

Do you have knowledge of basic ballet terminology and technique, and feel ready to progress to casual classes?

Ballet Level 1


Ballet Level 1 offers casual classes for Ballet Foundations graduates or anyone with a little ballet experience. Dancers will enjoy more challenging exercise combinations which link steps together (this is a great place to start if you did ballet classes as a child).

Ballet Level 2


If you have a firm knowledge of ballet technique then you’re ready for this class. Develop your technique, co-ordination and rhythm through longer and more challenging sequences including adage, pirouettes and allegro combinations.

Foundations & Beyond


Foundations & Beyond brings you back to basics, focusing on foundational skills needed to refine your technique and terminology for our open ballet classes. This is a great class to attend straight after completion of our Ballet Foundations courses and will aid in the transition from a course to casual class.

Ballet Level 3


Developed for dancers with previous experience to reintroduce pointe work into your practice. We recommend participants begin with the Ballet Level 2 class from 6.15pm - 7.15pm beforehand to thoroughly warm up.


Suitable for students at Ballet Level 2 (intermediate). Includes floor work and firm knowledge of technique.

Experience what it’s like to be a member of a ballet Company, rehearsing various solos and excerpts from the classics. This class will focus on stagecraft, musicality, group spatial awareness, patterns and performance artistry.

#Ballet Pointe

Ready for pointe work?

Dancing en pointe is the pinnacle of technique development as a student dancer. It is what makes the art of classical ballet so unique and graceful. Pointe work is however, a skill requiring a high level of physical strength, co-ordination and a solid foundation of ballet technique.

Ballet Pointe

Designed for dancers who are confident in their understanding of ballet technique and principles, this class will develop your ballet vocabulary, musicality and artistry. It is ideal for pre-professional, professional and ex-dancers, current ballet teachers, as well as students enrolled in full time ballet training.

#Ballet For Seniors

Feel better, think better, live better – with ballet.

This gentle class is especially tailored for Seniors, with a focus on improving poise, core strength, memory and mobility.


Please note that our dance class prices have updated as of 2 August 2021.

Casual Class

Studio classes only
Adult $25
Student/Concession/QB Friend $21.25

10 Class Package

Studio classes only
Adult $212.50
Student/Concession/QB Friend $180.60

30 Day Membership - unlimited classes

Studio classes only
Adult $198
Student/Concession/QB Friend $168.30

8 Week Foundations Courses

Studio classes only
Adult $178
Student/Concession/QB Friend $148.75

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