François Klaus and Robyn White Award

François Klaus and Robyn White Award

The Francois Klaus and Robyn White Award is an excellence award presented to the most outstanding Pre-Professional Program (PPP) student of the year. Enabled by Queensland Ballet (QB) Friends, the recipient of the award is selected by Queensland Ballet Academy’s Director in consultation with the teaching faculty.

This award honours the legacy of former Queensland Ballet Artistic Director François Klaus and Former Artistic Associate Robyn White.

François Klaus was appointed Artistic Director in 1998 and during his tenure, he and wife Robyn established the Professional Year Programme, designed to prepare aspiring young dancers for a professional career in ballet. This training program later evolved under Francois’ successor Li Cunxin AO and the appointed Academy Director, Christian Tàtchev, to become the Pre-Professional Program.

To receive the Francois Klaus and Robyn White Award, the PPP student must demonstrate a high-level of professionalism and diligence in their training and an unwavering passion to succeed in the artform.

Hannah Hughes was awarded the Francois Klaus and Robyn White Award in 2016. Now studying to be a physiotherapist and working as a ballet teacher at Queensland Ballet’s community dance classes, Hannah believes the scholarship provided her with a plethora of unique opportunities.

“The scholarship enabled me to travel to auditions, which is an invaluable learning experience for a young dancer to test yourself in a completely new environment,” said Hannah.

“The Queensland Ballet Academy faculty nurtured me and pushed me to my limits, which set me up for not only the rest of my years as a dancer but also skills that translate into my everyday life.” she added.