Dancers' Dressing Room Stations

Take your support into the sacred space of Queensland Ballet’s artists by dedicating a Dancer's Dressing Room Station – and know that every time an artist sits before the mirror, they will be reminded of your support.

Dancers’ Dressing Room Stations are the personal spaces where our acclaimed artists prepare for performance and find their private inspiration and focus.

With each stroke of stage make-up applied, a piece of their ordinary world disappears. In front of the mirror, a new character emerges and each artist pauses for a moment of reflection – mentally drawing all their training, rehearsal and talent together, in readiness for the performance.

First Company Artist David Power and Principal Artist Lucy Green take you inside their world to share moving and intimate reflections of a Dancer's Dressing Room Station space.

David's story

Lucy's story

Every performance is an astonishing sum of many parts and your part, as a supporter of a Dancer’s Dressing Room Station, is integral to its success. On behalf of Queensland Ballet’s dancers, thank you. 

Dancers' Dressing Room Stations available for dedication

Pre Professional Program: $1,000
Young Artist: $2,500
Company Artist: $2,500
Soloist: $5,000
Principal Artist: $10,000

You can choose to make your donation in full when you select your dressing room station, or opt for a two to five year payment plan. We welcome you to speak with us to tailor your pledge plans.

Your donation

Your dedication may show your personal support or celebrate a loved one’s life and love of art. Your donation will be visibly recognised in perpetuity in the theatre, and on a plaque for 10 years as an inspiration to all who see it.

Queensland Ballet is a registered Australian charity, and gifts over $2 are tax-deductible.

To make a donation, contact the Queensland Ballet Foundation Team on +61 7 3013 6666 or for more information email

How to support a Dancer's Dressing Room Station

How to support a Dancer's Dressing Room Station

Please contact Rachael or Elise from our Foundation team to discuss making a dedication by phoning +61 7 3013 6666 or email