Rian Thompson's Story —

Pointe Shoe Appeal

The opportunity to perform the title role of Peter Pan has been my favourite role so far in my career. With swashbuckling swordfights, intricate choreography and breathtaking flying sequences, there were so many things to love about the role!

While performing this role I wore the same pair of ballet flats for all nine shows. Even though I had two pairs painted and ready to go I used the same pair...  I just felt comfortable in them. 

In the past I have been known to become very attached to pairs of flats that I am rehearsing in and have put gaffer tape or sports tape inside the flats to cover up the holes.

Generally I use two pairs of ballet flats a week - one pair for class and the other for rehearsal. This can change however, depending on what repertoire we are rehearsing. Each pair can be different and some shoes just last longer than others. Flats come in black and white but can also be coloured for different roles. Personally, I like to work in fIesh coloured flats as I find the skin colour more flattering to observe in the mirror when I'm working.