Paulette Carson Fund

Paulette Carson Fund

To inspire young ballet dancers to follow their dreams, the Paulette Carson Scholarship, established through the Estate of Paulette Carson and facilitated through fund managers Perpetual Services, provides ambitious young students accepted into Queensland Ballet Academy’s Academy Program with support to assist with financial constraints.

Paulette Carson had an enduring passion for ballet, and during her life she taught ballet to children of the British royal family and performed at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Her legacy and love for ballet is continued through the scholarship fund, providing ambitious young dancers with support to develop their careers as professional artists.

Since 2015, The Paulette Carson Scholarship has enabled 45 Academy students to continue their ballet training despite financial hardship. Lucy Hogan, now a Company Intern, was one of seven recipients to receive the Paulette Carson Scholarship in 2018.                               

“Having the scholarship assistance allowed me to the start the year on a financially positive note, giving me the confidence and stability to channel all my energy into the program. It also allowed me to purchase my uniform, tights and pointe shoes,” said Lucy.

As a student, Lucy had many performance opportunities throughout her training with Queensland Ballet Academy.

“My favourite piece to perform with Queensland Ballet would have to be Gershwin; a piece in Prelude, choreographed by Paul Boyd and Zenia Tatcheva. I was in Level 1 at the time and each individual solo was choreographed to show off our strengths. The solo was a privilege and a delight to perform.” she said.