World Teacher's Day, 2018

Teaching Artists, teaching artistry

Every day teachers take their students beyond the classroom; into the future, considering the present, exploring memories, building on the blocks of learning to expand dreams and broaden horizons.

Through the development of skills and knowledge and by offering rich and authentic experiences, teachers create a world of magic for students – enriching their lives and promising a brighter future.

Teaching Artists are privileged to know the value in the creative process better than others. Each day they create in the safety of arts classrooms; studios, recording and sound labs, film suites and in site specific locations nurturing the next generation of inspired thinkers.

They’re passionate about their artform and aim to evoke in children a belief that the world can be understood and that they too can make meaning for future generations through creativity. Whether artist first or teacher first, they find the teachable moments to build the entrepreneurial spirit, encouraging solutions, imagination and joy.

When he was a young student, Li Cunxin, Artistic Director Queensland Ballet found his inspiration in Teacher Xiao, and through his guidance learnt to enjoy beautiful movement.

‘In my lifetime, he has been the teacher to help me find pleasure in the process’, Li says. So many of our best dancers and artistic directors credit teachers with having played a vital role in their development as artists.

‘I believe dance experiences resonate throughout our lives, transforming our minds, bodies and souls. It is our teachers who hold the key to this transformative power, nurturing and inspiring students from all backgrounds to reach their creative and expressive potential.’ – Rafael Bonachela, Artistic Director, Sydney Dance Company

‘Ballet is a magical art form that captures the imagination of young people. This inspiration can then be the catalyst for bringing that experience into their academic pursuits, so students are more fully engaged in learning.’ -  David Mc Allister, Artistic Director, The Australian Ballet

‘To be a ballet teacher is not only about teaching steps but also about passing on the love and passion of our beautiful art form to the next generation. I will be forever thankful to my ballet teachers who made me who I am today.’ – Aurélien Scannella, Artistic Director, West Australian Ballet

Together, the common thread is that teachers are vital in contributing to the way individuals participate in society, share relationships with others and make a lasting impact.

Within the artform that is teaching, it’s the Teaching Artists who are reassuring the risk takers, the curious, the dreamers and the problem solvers to strengthen their conviction, determination and perseverance.

On World Teachers’ Day we congratulate all the Teaching Artists who are engaging with students and contributing to society every day.