Junior Friends - Frequently Asked Questions —

1.       What is the difference between QB Junior and QB Junior Friends?

QB Junior is a website aimed at entertaining and educating those minds curious enough to enjoy the full variety of benefits of our state ballet company. This wonderfully interactive website includes videos, photos, fun activities and competitions and sits alongside the membership program called QB Junior Friends.

For young people with a passion for dance, QB Junior Friends is a unique membership program designed for the next generation of ballet enthusiasts.

2.       What does my child receive if they become a QB Junior Friend?

For a one off membership fee of $50 per person each member receives -

  • Membership pack including membership card and t-shirt
  • Exclusive videos featuring Queensland Ballet’s dancers
  • Invitations to QB Junior Friends dance classes and activities
  • ​Priority booking for special events and opportunities
  • Reduced prices throughout the year for Queensland Ballet’s weekend and after hours dance classes.

3.       How do I purchase a QB Junior Friends membership?

You can visit qbjunior.com.au and follow the instructions or you can call us at Queensland Ballet on 07 3013 6666.

4.       How long does the membership last for?

Regardless of when the member joins, the activities on offer are for the 2017 calendar year. 


5.       If my child is 17 years old can they still register?

As long as a child is 17 years of age at the time of registration they can participate in the program – even if they turn 18 during their membership.


6.       I live in Regional Queensland but would be happy to travel to Brisbane for the metropolitan activities. Can my child join the activities held in metropolitan locations?

Yes of course!  As the program is open for all young dancers state-wide, we encourage participants in regional Queensland to attend any sessions they wish and vice-versa for participants in metropolitan areas.

7.       Are there levels for Junior Friends or are activities based on participant ages?

No, there are no levels for QB Junior Friends in 2017.  Activities will be divided up according to the age of the participant, and the most appropriate experience for them.


8.       If my child cannot attend an event can another child attend in their place?

No, activities are non-transferable.

9.       Does my child’s membership guarantee them access and entry to all QB Junior Friends activities?

Registrations will be required for most activities as venues sometimes have a capped number of participants. Those who fail to register, or register too late, may be unable to attend due to capacity of venues.

10.   We received our child’s membership t-shirt and it doesn’t fit. Can we please swap it for another size?

T-shirts are not able to be returned. Please select sizes carefully. If lost or stolen, or wrongly ordered, Queensland Ballet will not replace or swap items from the QB Junior Friends membership pack. Please view sizing information for ladies, mens and kids shirts below.


SIZE 00 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
HALF CHEST 27.5 30 32.5 35 37.5 40 42.5 45 47.5 50


SIZE 8 10 12 14 16 18
HALF CHEST 41 43 45 47 49 51


HALF CHEST 50 52 54 55 58 60 62


11.   My child received their membership pack in the post and some of the stock is faulty. Can I return it?

Please email juniorfriends@queenslandballet.com.au and someone will reply to you to discuss your options.


12.   I registered my child for an activity and now they can no longer attend.

Please email juniorfriends@queenslandballet.com.au and let us know.

13.   I have signed up my child online, when will they receive their membership pack?

On average, membership packs will be received within three weeks.

14.   My child’s friends are receiving their membership emails, why haven’t we received ours?

Please check the security settings on the email address you provided – sometimes emails can be hiding in your junk mail box.

15.   When will the dates and times of the activities be released?

QB Junior Friends members will receive regular emails from their Ambassadors. All activity information, including links to the registration forms, will be included in here.

16.   How do I register my child for the lucky prize draw?

All members who are registered before February 4, 2017 are automatically registered. 2017 lucky prize draw will be drawn on February 6 2017 at 9.30am.  

17.   Can my child attend all activities within the program?

No. In order to make the activities fair and accessible for all members some activities are age specific and some may require registration on a first-in basis.

18.   Who should I contact if I need further information?

For more information on the QB Junior Friends program please email juniorfriends@queenslandballet.com.au, contact Queensland Ballet reception on 3013 6666 or visit www.qbjunior.com.au