12 - 14 November 2020
Outdoor Stage, HOTA

This performance is to recorded music. The performance lasts approximately two hours with one 20-minute interval.

Giselle Program

#From the Artistic Director

I am so pleased to present Giselle at HOTA on its beautiful outdoor stage – what better way to see this quintessential Romantic ballet than on a Spring night under the stars? 

Sharing the magic of ballet across Queensland is at the heart of our Company, and we’re delighted to perform our Giselle on the Gold Coast.  

It has been seven years since Queensland Ballet has presented this production and I was so pleased when Ai-Gul Gaisina agreed to stage the ballet for us again. Her production follows tradition, overlaid with the Russian style, and is charming and refreshing. Ai-Gul’s emphasis is as much on the characters as on technique.   

The set and costume designs of esteemed theatrical designer Peter Cazalet and the atmospheric lighting created by Ben Hughes provide an ideal canvas on which our dancers paint this poetic and tragic story. Adolphe Adam’s music is elegant and full of dramatic expression.  

We’ve faced many challenges in 2020 – our 60th Anniversary year, and our dreams can only become a reality with the help of many supporters. Our heartfelt thanks goes to all our generous donors and corporate partners who have supported us, especially throughout this year. I would also especially like to thank Carole Byron from the Gold Coast for her support to enable Queensland Ballet’s season of Giselle. 

However I reserve a special gratitude to you, our audience. We may dance for the love of art, but it is for you that we perform. I do hope you enjoy our Giselle. 

#The Story of Giselle


Young, innocent and passionate about dancing, the peasant girl Giselle is in love. She is courted by Albrecht, Duke of Selesia, who disguises himself as a peasant lad and visits her in the village. Hilarion, a gamekeeper, is secretly in love with Giselle. He witnesses their meeting and becomes jealous and suspicious. Giselle’s mother, Berthe, is superstitious and over-protective of her daughter, concerned for her delicate and fragile health. She warns Giselle that too much dancing could be dangerous and that young girls who die before marriage are destined to become Wilis – vengeful, ghost-like creatures. The unexpected rival of a hunting party led by the Prince of Courland and his daughter Bathilde – who is the real fiancée of Albrecht – brings more dancing to the autumn harvest celebration. Amidst the joyous festivities, Hilarion reveals Albrecht’s true identity. The shock of Albrecht’s betrayal causes Giselle to lose her reason. She dances as if in a trance. Devastated, she collapses and dies of a broken heart. 



In the gloomy village cemetery, Myrtha, the Queen of the Wilis, holds her mystical and supernatural powers over the magical sisterhood. Each night between dusk and dawn, the Wilis seek male prey who they force to dance until exhausted, or their hearts give out, or they are so weak they can be thrown to their deaths in the nearby lake. Hilarion mourns by Giselle’s grave, but flees in terror when he is visited by the ghostly forms. Albrecht, sad and remorseful, brings field flowers to Giselle’s grave. He senses her spirit around him. Hilarion falls victim to the Queen of the Wilis. He succumbs to her powers and to those of her spirit helpers, and drowns in the lake. Giselle defies Myrtha and dances with Albrecht all through the night until he is at the very point of exhaustion. The sound of the church bell heralds the dawn. The Wilis vanish and the spirit of Giselle disappears with the soft morning light. Albrecht is saved and is left with only her memory to cherish. 


Produced and staged by: Ai-Gul Gaisina
Choreographers: Marius Petipa, after Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot
Libretto: Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Théophile Gautier
Sets and Costumes: Based on an original design by Peter Cazalet
Lighting Designer: Ben Hughes
Music: Adolphe Adam, with additional music composed by Cesare Pugni and Riccardo Drigo

Giselle was first presented by the Ballet du Théâtre de l’Académie Royale de Musique in Paris, France, on 28 June 1841. The choreography in this production derives from the revival by Marius Petipa for the Imperial Russian Ballet in 1884, 1899, and 1903.


Yanela Piñera - 12 NOV
Lucy Green - 13 NOV
Neneka Yoshida - 14 NOV

Albrecht, Duke of Selesia
Victor Estévez - 12 NOV
Kohei Iwamoto - 13 NOV
Joel Woellner - 14 NOV

Camilo Ramos - 12 NOV
Vito Bernasconi - 13 NOV
D'Arcy Brazier - 14 NOV

Berthe, Giselle’s Mother
Janette Mulligan

Wilfred, Albrecht’s Squire
Daniel Kempson - 12 NOV
D'Arcy Brazier - 13 NOV
Dylan Lackey - 14 NOV

Prince of Courland
Vito Bernasconi - 12 NOV
Ari Thompson - 13 NOV
Vito Bernasconi - 14 Nov

Bathilde, His Daughter
Mia Heathcote - 12 & 13 NOV
Vanessa Morellli - 14 NOV

Master of the Hunt
Clayton Forsyth - 12 & 14 NOV
Edward Pope - 13 NOV

Pas de Huit

12 NOV
Vanessa Morelli and Alexander Idaszak
Lou Spichtig and Liam Geck
Sophie Zoricic and David Power
Chiara Gonzalez and Patricio Revé

13 NOV
Serena Green and Zhi Fang
Lou Spichtig and Luke Dimattina
Vanessa Morelli and David Power
Chiara Gonzalez and Patricio Revé

14 NOV
Serena Green and Alexander Idaszak
Lou Spichtig and Liam Geck
Sophie Zoricic and David Power
Chiara Gonzalez and Patricio Revé

Courtiers, Villagers and Game Keepers
Artists of Queensland Ballet

Myrtha, Queen of the Wilis
Serena Green - 12 NOV
Sophie Zoricic - 13 NOV
Laura Tosar - 14 NOV

Lead Wilis
Lou Spichtig, Chiara Gonzalez - 12 & 14 NOV
Vanessa Morelli, Serena Green - 13 NOV

Artists of Queensland Ballet

#Production Credits

Head of Production: Shaun O’Rourke
Stage Manager: Heather O’Keeffe
Head Mechanist: Daniel Villiers
Deputy Head Mechanist: Don Mackenzie
Lighting Programmer/Operator: Skye Lilliss
Head of Wardrobe: Noelene Hill
Deputy Head of Wardrobe: Lauryn Jackson
Wardrobe Workroom Manager & Principal Cutter: Erin Krosch
Wardrobe Workroom Coordinator: Zoe Griffiths
Workroom Coordinator/Cutters Assistant: Jayne Warrington
Costumiers: Vicki Martin, Frances Pyper, Elizabeth Ball, Jackqueline Parry, Rebekah Ellis
Wig and Makeup Stylist: Michael Green
Dresser/Maintenance: Bethany Cordwell
Shoe Coordinator: Amanda Newman
Shoe Assistant: Callyn Farrell 

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