FAQs - online classes

#What is Dance Anywhere?

Dance Anywhere is a new offering from Queensland Ballet. They’re live streamed, online community dance classes with our teaching artists and dancers, that you can do anywhere!

NOTE: Our live streaming service is brand new and not fully compatible with all devices and internet browsers just yet. For the best possible online class experience, we recommend using a desktop or laptop computer and opening the class link through the Google Chrome browser. 

For further information and troubleshooting see our 'How to' guide here.

#I'm not in Brisbane, can I still do a class?

The short answer is YES! Please remember though that if you are outside of Queensland that class times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST). We encourage all participants from far and wide - the more the merrier!

#I'm new to Queensland Ballet classes, how do I get started?

You will need a Mind Body account to book and access classes.

You can create a Mind Body account easily by clicking Book now and choosing a class. We’ve placed Book Now buttons all over our dance class web pages to make it easy for you. Alternatively you can go straight to the schedule here

Important - When you create an account remember to click yes to receiving emails so we can contact you to confirm your class bookings and advise of any changes to classes.

#I've done studio classes previously, can I use my existing membership?

Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer existing Mind Body account credit to online dance classes as they have a separate fee type. Once we are safe to deliver in-studio dance classes again, clients will be able to resume using in-studio account credit.

#What's the difference between studio classes and online classes?

Studio classes are delivered in our studios at Queensland Ballet, and online classes are live-streamed through our Mind Body platform directly to your computer or device.

#What happens once I've booked a class?

You will need to enable email notifications in your account so you can receive the link to the online class. Click here for our 'How to' guide.

#How do I join a class once I've booked?

30 mins before the class start time you will receive an email with a unique unshareable link so you can join the online class.

For detailed instructions on joining the live online class see our 'How to' guide here.

Please log on to the class via the link at least 10 mins before class start time and no later than 10 mins after the start time.

#Do I need to prepare anything for the class?

Clear a safe space (ideally 4-6 square metres) to dance, with no trip or slip hazards (eg. remove rugs, small pets, children’s toys etc from the environment).

Floor – surface and hardness. Please consider the slipperiness and hardness of your dancing floor surface eg. if dancing on tiles or concrete, or carpet laid over concrete, we recommend no jumping. If dancing on a wooden floor, this can be slippery, how safe jumping can be undertaken if safe to do so.

QB respects each individual’s decision whether they would like the personal device camera on or off during class. At the commencement of the online class, the QB Teaching Artist will chat through the process for the class. All participant microphones will be muted during the class.

Please refer to AUSDANCE safe dance practice website for your safety

Please refer to the T&Cs for further information