Our Vision

Queensland Ballet has taken its place as a vibrant and compelling contributor to Australia’s cultural landscape and an integral part of the national and international ballet ecology.

Our dancers have performed to widespread acclaim locally, nationally and internationally, we have a thriving elite dancer training Academy and we offer inspiring education and community engagement programs across Queensland.

With a culture of creativity and collaboration, complemented by an active program of engagement with our communities, Queensland Ballet has become the central hub for dance in Australia. We aim to:

  • Invite connection with the magic of our artform and all that it enables
  • Provide pathways to elite ballet and nurture dancers of the future
  • Enrich lives through ballet and help build cohesion and strength across communities
  • Embed the arts into communities and contribute organically to daily life and aspiration
Our dream and our endeavour is to connect people and dance across Queensland through a program of delightful, exciting and challenging work, collaborating with leading artists and organisations.

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