Sophie Zoricic on harnessing the power of Carmen

Sophie Zoricic talks about getting into character for the fiery and passionate title role for Carlos Acosta's Carmen, part of QB's Carmen & The Firebird double bill.


Tell us about your character, Carmen:

Carmen is one of those people that turns heads without doing anything. She is strong, confident and goes for what she wants. I find I have certain similarities as the character, however the biggest challenge has been portraying the sensual and up-front way she is with men. You really have to leave all inhibitions at the door and go for it!


How did you feel about being cast in this role?

I was completely shocked to hear that I would be performing Carmen. It will be my first principal role on stage and what a character I have to enjoy that with! It is easy to put pressure on yourself when you are cast in something above your rank, but I just have to believe that I have it in me to take on the exciting, passionate woman that Carmen is. The other big challenge will be gaining the stamina to carry the audience on a 50 minute journey, with barely any stopping. You really have to pace yourself and just put your energy into the story and the steps will happen.


Is there a scene or piece of choreography you're looking forward to performing?

I have just finished learning the pas de deux and I think they are beautifully choreographed! Carmen is all about the emotion and the steps in the ballet really let that come through. I especially love rehearsing the ‘love’ pas de deux which is accompanied by a very well-known piece of music that I think the audience will really get lost in! I am also looking forward to the death scene – I’ve never had the pleasure of being killed on stage so that will be exciting!