Melissa Tattam

Physiotherapist and former dancer Mel Tattam brings her wide range of experience and expertise to QB's casual Pilates classes and Ballet Basics course. Find out more about Mel: 

What is your teaching experience?
I have had a 15 year professional ballet career with Queensland Ballet, Tasmanian Ballet and several independent companies including Lucid, Collusion, Majestic Artists and Alma de Tango. I am currently a physiotherapist at Revive Ashgrove and Body Conditioning coach with QB Academy.

What do you love about teaching at QB? 
I love the community and participants, and the friendly teaching staff. I love passing on my knowledge and experience to those who really want to learn. I also love the variety of classes to choose from – you’re bound to find one or two or three that you love.

What do you love about Pilates, Ballet and Contemporary dance?
All three classes are simply great fitness!! They are probably some of the best for both body and mind. I can certainly notice if I’ve had a week or two break from teaching or participating.

Why do you believe it's important for everyone to keep active?
If you're connecting neural pathways, you're active. Dance and Pilates are fantastic for co-ordination! The brain automatically thinks and the body voluntarily uses muscles. You’re likely to find 'muscles' you didn't even know existed! An active lifestyle promotes blood flow and oxygenation to enhance mood and increase energy. It’s a great endorphin (“happy hormone”) release.

Any top tips?
Invest in a smooth foam roller and tennis ball! I love a good roll out with a foam roller, or trigger point with a tennis ball to dynamically iron out and release tight muscles and knots. Sitting in a stretch for minutes on end can reduce the effectiveness of muscle contraction when commencing a ballet class. 

Tips for people looking to get started?
Just have fun and move. Try not to take it too seriously or over analyse, especially Ballet. Remember it takes many many many years/decades to learn Ballet steps and perfect technique. Professionals continue to learn and perfect every day. So feel free to complete a Beginner Course over and over until you’re confident to move into the next level.

What inspires you to dance?
Movement, music, choreography, other dancers.