David Power on becoming The Firebird's Prince Ivan

Company Artist David Power on preparing for the role of Prince Ivan in Liam Scarlett's The Firebird, part of our 2018 double bill Carmen & The Firebird.


Is there any particular preparation you’re doing for the role of Price Ivan?

Liam Scarlett’s works are always beautifully demanding and require an incredible marriage of physicality, musicality and fluidity. Having worked with Liam before, in preparing for Prince Ivan I have focused not so much in the technical execution, although important, but more in how I can best interpret the Stravinsky score in context with the movement and the story. It has been an incredible few weeks of trial and error, getting to feel and learn how my partners move, and how we can best combine our physical and artistic intentions to tell the story of The Firebird.


Tell us a bit about your character’s journey:

In the story, Prince Ivan finds himself in an almost fantasy realm where there is an existing tension between the Firebird and an even darker force, Köschei. Prince Ivan has a brief mesmeric encounter with the Firebird and is left with her feather which has the power to summon her if needed. Prince Ivan then falls upon a group of imprisoned ethereal Princesses. He is transfixed by one Princess in particular, who happens to be Köschei’s most prized possession. Prince Ivan falls deeply in love, and what follows is a battle and a desperate fight for her freedom and their love for each other. It’s an incredible story and a journey I’m so excited to share!


What has it been like working with Kaloyan Boyadjiev, the stager for The Firebird?

Kaloyan is a world class dancer, an incredible coach and knowledgeable stager. Kaloyan has been so patient with us as we tackle this incredibly hard ballet and score together. His eye for detail and sense of humour has made this Firebird experience so much fun for everyone. Kaloyan is a master of artistry and partnering, and I personally have learnt and grown so much from working closely with him.