Academy Fees

Program Fees for 2021 are listed below in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Foundation Program
Level 9: $600 per school term
Level 8: $600 per school term
Level 7: $690 per school term

Academy Program (formerly Senior Program)
Level 6: $7,196.20 per year
Level 5: $7,966.20 per year
Level 4: $9,801.00 per year
Level 3: $11,418.00 per year
Level 2: $11,821.70 per year
Level 1: $11,821.70 per year

Pre-Professional Program
$11,544.75 per year

Guest Academy Program
Level 6: $1,269.62 per year
Level 5: $1,346.62 per year
Level 4: $1,530.10 per year

Upon acceptance into the Academy, a non-refundable Security Deposit is required to secure the position prior to program commencement. This amount will be deducted from the total annual/term program fees. Our Enrolment Agreement includes a comprehensive Fee Policy and payment options, and families must agree to strict payment terms and conditions.

In addition to program fees, other expenses include those relating to dancewear, uniforms, medical expenses, *schooling, living and ancillary expenses, and are the responsibility of the student/family.

*Schooling expenses are only relevant to the Academy Program (Levels 6 to 1). Our Academic partner, Kelvin Grove State College is an Independent Public School and therefore does not charge school fees. School-related expenses include an 'Out-of-Catchment' enrolment application fee for those living outside of the designated school catchment, an annual resource fee, uniforms, some subject fees, stationary, excursions/incursions etc.

Program fees listed above are applicable to Australian and New Zealand students only. For International Student fees, please contact

All fees are subject to change.

2021 Homestay Program Fees

Assistance with homestay placement is available for Academy Program students in Years 10 to 12 only.

Placement Fee: $274
Weekly Fee: $316 per week
Holiday Holding Fee: $54 per week
Administration Fee: $150 per Term

For further information about Queensland Ballet Academy's Homestay Program or other options for students living away from home, please contact

All fees are subject to change.

Families may apply for financial support through our annual Bursary application process.