In order to complete your registration, please read and accept the following terms and conditions. To be completed by the parent/guardian of all applicants under 18 years.

1. I declare that my child’s (the applicant) date of birth, as stated above, is true and correct and their age on the date of chosen workshop falls within the stipulated age range for the group applied for.

2. I declare that my child (the applicant) does not have any pre-existing health or physical conditions which could impede their full participation in the event.

3. I understand that it is preferred that applicants seek approval from their dance teacher/s before applying for this event. Queensland Ballet do not intend to speak with participants individually about applying for our Academy unless they approach us.

4. I understand that Queensland Ballet is unable to offer a refund for this event unless the program is cancelled by the Company. However, in exceptional circumstances and subject to written verification/medical certificates being received by Queensland Ballet, a partial refund, less a $25.00 cancellation fee, may be considered. Any such refund will only be considered when made 7 days or more prior to the event date.

5. I understand that Queensland Ballet may take and use photographs and/or videos of participants for promotional and archival purposes and that all material recorded will remain the property of Queensland Ballet and will not be provided directly to the participants.

6. If I do not wish to have my child’s image used by Queensland Ballet, I understand that I must advise in writing via email prior to the event date, or it will be presumed that I give my consent.