Students are required to wear a set uniform available from Bloch Dancewear. For girls, this includes a leotard, tights and canvas ballet shoes and for boys, a top, shorts, socks and canvas ballet shoes (approx. $120 per student). 

Parent/Carer viewing

Each semester, parents/carers and studio teachers will have an opportunity to observe Foundation Program ballet classes. Students who have participated in the optional additional sessions, may also have simple repertoire (dance material) which could be demonstrated at this time. Dates for these viewing opportunities will be advised at the beginning of each term.

Acknowledging the dance teachers of our community

Queensland Ballet is committed to forging collaborative relationships with the teachers and dance organisations of our local and global dance community. We respectfully acknowledge the teachers and studios from which Queensland Ballet Academy students originate. A list can be found on our Academy Supporters page, along with information about all our industry partners and supporters.

Foundation Program students may continue participating in external dance and/or other physical activities, however parents/carers are encouraged give careful consideration to not overloading their child. Suitable load will vary for each individual and professional guidance may be sought from a physiotherapist or sports physician.