Natalie Lu —

Natalie Lu
Young Artist


Hong Kong

Age started dancing



  • Jean M. Wong School of Ballet
  • Princeton University Dance Department
  • Queensland Ballet Academy Pre-Professional Program
  • Attended summer intensives at the Joffrey Ballet School, National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam, and The School at Jacob’s Pillow

Queensland Ballet 

Jette Parker Young Artist 2018

Favourite roles

  • Cinderella in Cinderella
  • Kitri in Don Quixote

Repertoire includes

  • Ben Stevenson’s Swan Lake
  • Paul Boyd’s Tangled
  • Gareth Belling’s Before and Contact Point
  • Loni Landon’s Tidal
  • John Jasperse’s Within Between

Favourite character to perform

One to fully immerse in the story, where the dancing becomes an extension of the music and the character portrayed. I enjoy bringing emotion and life to a character, and dance is just the way I choose to do so.

Dance inspiration

The combination of athleticism and grace, of precision and freedom
Music, especially when a live orchestra is playing Tchaikovsky!
The magical moments when the movement seems to control the music, as if the dancer has become the instrument
The remarkable way in which our bodies can articulate a dynamic range of motion
The continual pursuit of perfection
The ability to move an audience
Rare moments of invincibility
The amazingly talented people I get the privilege to dance alongside

Awards and achievements

RAD Solo Seal Award

Other information

Out of habit, I always put my left pointe shoe on before my right one.
I love musical theater, and my biggest dream is to perform in a ballet musical on Broadway.
Prior to dancing full time, I was studying architecture. Although dance and architecture are both creative expressions of movement in space, one can wait, but the other cannot.