Jack Lister —

Jack Lister
Company Artist

Born in Brisbane, Jack Lister trained at the Promenade Dance Studio before full time studies at The Australian Ballet School and Queensland Ballet's Pre-Professional Program. Jack joined Queensland Ballet as a Company Dancer in 2014 and has danced featured roles in works choreographed by Ben Stevenson OBE, Nils Christe, Liam Scarlett, Derek Deane, Ma Cong, Nicolo Fonte and Natalie Weir.  

In 2015, Jack was commissioned to create a new work for Queensland Ballet's Dance Dialogues season. Memory House centred around the intimate memories shared by four separate couples.

Jack created his second ballet Fonder Heart which premiered in 2016 for Queensland Ballet's Dance Dialogues season. Set to Phillip Glass’ haunting tones, this contemporary work provides a narrative and context to the evoking second movement of the Tirol Concerto. Strong, fluid and assertive, Fonder Heart was described as "sleek, sophisticated and intriguing" by dance critic Deborah Jones.

Jack has collaborated with Brisbane-based art galleries, designers, and creatives producing photographic, film and large scale projections for events and festivals. In 2015, Jack worked with Los Angeles based multi-media artist Matt Sheridan, Brisbane cinematographer Greg Henderson and Tove Langridge of TW Fine Art Gallery to create Castles Made of Sand. A layered digital artwork in motion, Castles Made of Sand, used the streets of Brisbane as both a theatre and canvas. Jack created a fusion of classical and contemporary movement to explore the alchemy of creating solid foundations from shifting elements. 

In 2016, Jack will work with renowned Australian Fashion Designer Gail Sorronda to choreograph her Spring/Summer collection launch event. 


Repertoire highlights
  • Nicolo Fonte's Bolero

  • Nils Christe's Short Dialogues

  • Catalabutte in Greg Horsman's The Sleeping Beauty

  • Bottom and Demetrius in Liam Scarlett's A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Natalie Weir's We Who Are Left

  • Ma Cong's In the Best Moments

  • It Ain't Necessarily So in Derek Deane's Strictly Gershwin

  • Ma Cong's Ershter Vals


Why is ballet still relevant?

"I hope it still is. Within our audience it rare to find someone of my age or generation. Though as an art form we have to preserve what has been created over the past several hundred years, ballet has moved to a place beyond tutus and tiaras and is now in a league shared with some of the most athletic professions. Ballet is still relevant because it has kept evolving, and with that, so too should the mindsets of our audiences."

Videos and Galleries

Fonder Heart Choreographed by Jack Lister
Memory House Choreographed by Jack Lister