Clayton Forsyth —

Clayton Forsyth
Young Artist


Perth, Western Australia

Age started dancing



The Australian Ballet School

Queensland Ballet 

Jette Parker Young Artist 2019

Favourite roles

A few of my favourite roles would be Basilio, Ali and Albrecht

Repertoire includes

  • Dark Angel in Serenade
  • Principle boy in Paul Knobloch’s Valetta

Favourite roles to perform

Basilio from Don Quixote. It’s such a vibrant character so it’s always fun to perform and connect with your partner. The dancing can be quite challenging and the partnering is very playful and fun. I always have a blast doing the Variation or PDD.

Roles I would love to dance

Crown Prince Rudolf from Mayerling

Dance inspiration

What inspires me is the ability to take someone on the journey that I’m experiencing whilst performing, whether that’ll be the pure sensation of enjoying the athleticism of dance or the deep emotional connections you create and experience.

Awards and achievements

  • Represented The Australian Ballet School in the Orchard Gala in Tokyo, Japan. 

Did you know?

I’m interested in Marine Biology and Botany. I’m attempting to create my own Bonsai Tree. I love to read, drink coffee and I’m a big fan of cold weather, the colder the better.