In Conversation with Zoe Doonar —

Jette Parker Young Artist with Queensland Ballet


Queensland Ballet holds auditions annually for our Company and Academy. 

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Zoe Doonar has been a student with Queensland Ballet since she was 14 years old. Following two performances with Ballet Theatre of Queensland, Zoe was accepted into the Junior Program at Queensland Ballet. Following completion of the Senior Program, Zoe completed two years in the Academy’s Pre-Professional Program and is now a Jette Parker Young Artist.


What has surprised you about the transition to full time training?

Full time training has not only benefited my technique but also my artistry. It has been so interesting to see how my quality and style progressed, especially with other dance styles such as contemporary. 

When I started training full time, I became really aware of my physical weaknesses. I found pilates has really helped me with muscle imbalances, to aid with injury prevention. I now do pilates every morning before class to switch on all the muscle groups and ensure that I'm using the right muscles in class and throughout the day.


What has the rehearsal process for Strictly Gershwin been like for you?

The rehearsal process for Strictly Gershwin has challenged me in many ways. The technique required for this ballet is of an extremely high standard and musicality is crucial. It has been a great opportunity to try and achieve perfection in such a technically demanding ballet.

It's amazing to see all the different styles of dance come together in the one ballet. I've personally enjoyed the tapping as I can’t really tap to save my life, and I find it so magical and mind blowing to watch! This is such a massive production and performing on the Lyric stage will be a wonderful experience for both us dancers and the audience. 


Is there anyone who inspires you as a dancer?

My inspiration in dance is movement itself. I'm in awe daily of how we can transform simple movements into magic and beauty. The rush I get when I perform is undeniably the best feeling in the world. It's a privilege to dance for a living and to love what you're doing every minute of every day.


Is there a particular role you’d love to perform one day?

I really can't narrow down what my one dream role would be as I want to dance them all! I would love to see how I would approach one role differently to another. I do however love the more elegant and moving ballets, I feel they would suit me the best.


Audition Tip

Everyone will approach an audition differently, but whatever makes you personally feel comfortable and calm will always help you in a high stress situation. Be sure to really listen and watch the teacher as they set the exercises. Picking up little details with musicality or port de bra will set you apart. Most importantly have fun! If you're having a blast then the panel will want to watch you.


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