Pointe Shoe Appeal —

How to donate

Donate online or over the phone by calling +61 7 3013 6658

For further information, please email our Development team or call us on +61 7 3013 6658.

Pointe shoes are small and beautiful works of art. They are absolutely essential to the art of ballet, but they have a short life-span – a Principal Dancer is likely to wear out three pairs in one performance.

Queensland Ballet spends more than $150,000 on shoes each season. If you would like to help keep our dancers on their toes, please consider contributing to our Pointe Shoe Appeal.

$55 will pay for one pair of pointe shoes.

$110 will pay for two pairs of pointe shoes.       

$275 will pay for pointe shoes for a Company Dancer for one month.

$550 will pay for pointe shoes for a Principal Dancer for one production.

$1,100 will pay for pointe shoes for two Principal Dancers for one production.

$2,750* will pay for pointe shoes for a Soloist for six months.

*Gifts of $2,500 and above qualify for membership of the Dancers’ Circle

All supporters of the Pointe Shoe Appeal will be invited to come to our first-ever En Pointe demonstration later in the year, which will give a little extra insight into how our dancers prepare their pointe shoes. You will be amazed at the different ways in which dancers make pointe shoes just right for their own comfort and support. Be warned: hammers and scissors are involved!