Creative Movement —

Suitable for 

Years Prep - 3. No dance experience necessary

Dates for Coast to Coast (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast) workshops: 

Term 1: 2 March - 2 April

Term 4: 6 October - 13 November

Alternative workshop dates may be possible depending on our team’s availability.  Please contact our Education team to discuss the ideal dates for your school.


Regional: all workshops offered in regional Queensland during the Regional Tour are free of charge.

Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast: $13.00 per student – Workshop Only

When you also buy tickets to see any Schools Performaces: $10.00 per student 


Schools must provide a large open space free of obstacles, and a sound system with iPod connectivity.

Enable your students to create their own dance.

We are very keen to encourage children from a young age to participate in dance.  They don’t have to be ballerinas to be dancers.

The Creative Movement Workshop introduces students to the elements of dance, as identified in the Essential Learnings in the Queensland Syllabus, through engaging the children’s creativity and imagination.  Soar over mountains like a bird; dive under the ocean and float up towards the surface like a bubble; leap from stone to stone... the Creative Movement workshop enables students to learn about dance by going on an adventure wherever their imagination can take them.

This workshop is designed with the Queensland Syllabus's Essential Learnings: The Arts in mind.