Ballet Workshops —

Suitable for

Years 6 - 12, with some dance experience. The workshop can be tailored for Beginner, Intermediated or Advanced levels.

Dates for Coast to Coast (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast) workshops: 

Term 2: 22 April - 6 June

Term 3: 4 - 22 August


Regional: all Ballet workshops offered in regional Queensland during the Regional Tour are free of charge.

Brisbane / Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast: $10.00 per student – Workshop Only

When you also buy tickets to see any Schools Performaces: $8.00 per student 

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Schools must provide a large open space free of obstacles, and a sound system with iPod connectivity.

Welcome your students to the beautiful art form of ballet.

Our Ballet Workshop sees students undertake a basic Barre to commence the class, introducing students to the foundations of ballet and technique.  Students then move into the Centre, where they learn several phrases of ballet movement, ranging from Romantic, Classical and Neo-Classical styles.

This workshop is a great way for students to learn about the development of the art form, its technical implications, and gain an appreciation for different styles within ballet.

This workshop is designed with the Queensland Dance Syllabus in mind, in consultation with an Education Specialist.