Dance Workshops —


Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast

$13 per student / $10 per student when also booking to see a Queensland Ballet performance

Minimum 15 students per workshop
No maximum number of workshops per school

Regional Workshops

Free to all primary and secondary schools in location on our Queensland Regional Tour
Dance studios are able to book workshops however fees apply

Minimum 15 students per workshop
Maximum 2 workshops per school


Schools must provide a large open space free of obstacles, and a sound system with iPod connectivity.

Inspire  your students to dance through our range of dance workshops for all ages and abilities.

Our EdSquad dancers come to your school to deliver safe, educative and inclusive dance experiences. We work to ensure that all of our Dance Workshops complement and enhance dance education in the Queensland curriculum.

Primary and secondary schools in locations on our regional Queensland tour will receive their workshops for free, while Brisbane schools have access to subsidised workshops that complement our performances at QPAC. 

We offer three dance workshops from grades Prep through to Year 12.  Each of these workshops are available in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Regional Queensland.