Nathan Brook —

Nathan Brook
Company Dancer

Nathan was born in Avalon Beach, Sydney and trained at Lamont Dance Studio with Aryana Lamont.

Nathan joined Australian Ballet School full time in 2009 and received an Award for Excellence in classical ballet and the Marina Berezowsky Award for excellence in Character Dance.

Nathan joined Queensland Ballet as a Jette Parker Young Artist in 2014.

Repertoire highlights

  • Nils Christe's Short Dialogues

  • Sir Kenneth MacMillan's Romeo & Juliet

  • Nicolo Fonte's Bolero

  • George Balanchine's Serenade

  • Ben Stevenson's Cinderella

  • Greg Horsman's Holberg Suite

  • Greg Horsman's Concerto Grosso

Did you know?

  • Nathan has his advanced diving license.
  • Nathan grew up on the beach rowing, kayaking and fishing


What do you love about ballet the most?

"I love ballet for many reasons. I love that ballet is a universal art form. I love how you can communicate to anyone through dance. I love the many ways it expresses human emotion. I love the physicality and the way it pushes the human body in every way possible to create something beautiful. I love that perfection in ballet is virtually unattainable and there is always more ways to push yourself, technically and artistically. The challenge makes it all the more rewarding when you achieve your goals. I love the nerves before a performance and the spine tingling feeling being out on stage in front of a packed house. I love how you can be taken on a journey as a dancer and an audience member. Lastly, I love that ballet brings beauty and enjoyment into the lives of many."